Fresh, cold-pressed goodness on the go.

As Savsé, we never heat our award-winning smoothies, locking in all vitamins and nutrients naturally present in our fruit and veg.

Never heated, we use non-thermal High Pressure Processing, deactivating bacteria without compromising on taste, quality or nutrition, for cold-pressed goodness at home or on-the-go.

After all, making it that little bit easier for you to live a healthy lifestyle is what it’s all about.

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Wondering how we're made different?

Heat Pasteurisation

Heat Pasteurisation subjects ingredients to intense heat (c. 70℃) significantly degrading the nutritional value. Heat pasteurisation kills off the nasties, but it also kills off all the good stuff. Not only that, the full flavour of the ingredients is lost! We really believe this doesn’t have to be the case so, committed to finding an alternative, we searched far and wide for a better way.

High Pressure Processing

Never heated, we use non-thermal High Pressure Processing (HPP), deactivating bacteria without compromising on taste, quality or nutrition, for cold-pressed goodness at home or on-the-go. Now you can fully benefit from the essential, natural goodness of the fruit and veg throughout the day.

This is why we’re Made Different

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No Compromise.

At Savsé, we’re on a mission to change the food and drink industry for the better. That’s why we never compromise on taste or nutrition.

Committed to producing a truly nutritious and delicious product, we have never compromised on our journey to get there, and we never will.

Never giving up, never settling for less; because good things are worth fighting for.

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