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WOW! Absolutely amazing flavours. I had the Super Red and then went back straight away for the Super Blue. I don't have words. They are going to be stocked in my fridge from now on. Thank you for making such a wonderful juice and making me enjoy drinking something - that's healthy and tastes wonderful. Amanda

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Savse @SavseSmoothies

We’re now at @WholeFoodsUK (‘Room With A View’,1st floor) til 7pm – be sure to pop by for some fun creations with @londonpaleogirl !

Savse @SavseSmoothies

Don’t forget to head down to @WholeFoodsUK this afternoon between 4-7pm! Smoothie making and yoga-what more could you want?! #MadeDifferent

Savse @SavseSmoothies

Happy #NationalEatWhatYouWantDay to all! Please do indulge yourselves today like no other. What a fantastic excuse for those odd hiccups…