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We use only the freshest fruit and veg harvested in their prime to ensure the best tasting smoothie possible. It’s not organic, but we can assure you it is of the highest quality.

High-pressure processing is a sophisticated preservation method that maintains the goodness of the full fruit and veg that make up our super smoothies, while ensuring that every bottle is totally safe to drink.
HPP is different to conventional preservation methods – such as pasteurisation – because the food/drink is treated within its packaging and isn’t heated.
Bacteria, yeast and moulds cannot survive in high-pressure environments and HPP exposes our freshly bottled smoothies to a pressure equivalent to six times deeper than the deepest known place in the ocean. This means that any bacteria becomes deactivated but, importantly, the essential vitamins and nutrients remain.

Pasteurisation is a method which we refuse to use; a heat treatment to break down bacteria. During this process the vital nutrients and vitamins are also destroyed as the ingredients are boiled – which means they also lose their taste and flavor and so these need to be artificially added back in. We would never settle for anything heat-pasteurised or unnatural at Savse. We are all about ensuring you have a genuinely healthy, nutritious and great tasting drink that’s crammed full of goodness!

We use HPP to ensure that you can keep your fridge stocked with Savse. Our bottles have a shelf life of 45 days once they’ve received HPP treatment but have to be drunk within 2 days once opened.

Our ingredients are handpicked from all around the world and can vary throughout the year depending on where the best quality fruit and veg is in season.

Simply because there is no HPP factory in the UK big enough to make the high volume of smoothies you lovely people want from us.

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We can absolutely guarantee that drinking Savse Smoothies during pregnancy is completely safe. Pasteurisation is a method used to preserve things like smoothies, soups and milk. The fresh produce is boiled to kill the bacteria and while this gives the product a shelf life, it also kills off all the goodness; the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and also the flavour.
We REFUSE to pasteurise because there is another, healthier, preservation available. This sophisticated process is called pascalisation or HPP (high-pressure processing). HPP eliminates the bacteria, without harming the product and, most importantly, retains the taste and the natural goodness of the full fruit and veg that go into our smoothies. There are absolutely no added sugars, preservatives or colours in our smoothies and you can rest assured that drinking Savse will provide you with the essential nutrients and vitamins to keep you and your baby healthy.

Our smoothies contain only naturally occurring sugars found in all fruit and vegetables. The reason why many other smoothies contain a high amount of sugar is because they are heat-pasteurised to give them a shelf life. This kills the bacteria but also kills those all-important nutrients and leaves the smoothie with no flavour. Sugar is then added to bring the taste back up to an acceptable level.
Taste is extremely important to us and we’re very proud to have won multiple awards proving that our smoothies are some of the healthiest, and best tasting around. There are no added sugars, preservatives or colours in Savse Smoothies. We’re 100% natural!

Naturally, all fruit and veg vary in taste depending on the season and geographical location of the source, so there may be slight differences in the batches we produce. But these differences should be only very slight and hardly noticeable.

Whey protein is derived from milk and is a by-product of the cheese making process. It’s a complete protein, which means it contains all of the essential amino acids needed by your body to support your muscles. The Whey Protein we use in Protein Punch is totally natural and suitable for vegetarians.