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High-Pressure Processing is a sophisticated, non-thermal, preservation method that maintains the goodness of the full fruit and veg that make up our super smoothies, while ensuring that every bottle is totally safe to drink.

HPP is different to conventional preservation methods – such as Heat Pasteurisation – because the food/drink is treated within its packaging and isn’t heated.

Bacteria, yeast and moulds cannot survive in high-pressure environments and HPP exposes our freshly bottled smoothies to a pressure equivalent to six times deeper than the deepest known place in the ocean. This means that any bacteria becomes deactivated but, importantly, the essential vitamins, nutrients & great flavour remain.

Heat Pasteurisation is a method which we refuse to use; a heat treatment that breaks down bacteria, but also significantly degrades the nutritional value of the fruit and veg. During Heat Pasteurisation the vital nutrients and vitamins are destroyed as the ingredients are boiled – which means they also lose their taste & flavour, so these need to be artificially added back in. We would never settle for anything heat-pasteurised or unnatural at Savsé. We are all about ensuring you have a genuinely healthy, nutritious and great tasting drink that’s crammed full of goodness!

One 150ml portion of Savsé smoothie or juice can count as a maximum 1 of your 5-a-day. If you drink more throuought the day, the 150ml portion would still only count as 1 of your 5-a-day as its rightly recommended to to consume our smoothies & juices in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet comprising of natural whole foods.

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All of our smoothies are completely natural. They have not been genetically modified and all bottles are BPA free.

We do next day deliveries on weekdays only, so we are currently only able to deliver Tuesday-Friday (for orders placed between Monday-Thursday). If you order on a Friday or weekend, your delivery will always be on the following Tuesday.

If you know you won’t be in, there is a section where you can fill any delivery instructions e.g leave with specific neighbour.

We can also add text alerts so you get a better understanding of what time you can expect your delivery!