This is our Founder and CEO Guka, with his sister, Sophia and cousin. Clearly already fuelled by their mum, Nina’s delicious smoothies…



Guka, now older and with better taste in cars, grew up questioning the ‘healthy’ smoothie options on the market as most drinks were heat pasteurised, unhealthy and full of sugar, diminishing product quality, nutrition and taste. From that moment, his mission has been to change the drinks industry for the better. It was time to create his own. Guka believed people were ready for something different and deserved something better.


It was time to create his own. Guka believed people were ready for something different and deserved something better.


No compromise became Guka’s motto. He refused to compromise on the quality, nutrition or taste, wanting to stay true to his mum, Nina’s values and faithful to the consumers by creating a drink that was truly nutritious and great tasting. After a long search, he found a factory that shared his vision, using HPP (high pressure) to preserve the natural goodness and nutrition of fruit and veg just like his mother Nina made at home for him and his sisters.

Savsé is not just another smoothie. It’s a celebration of magic, transformation and vitality. It’s belief in the joys of variety & great tasting flavours. A commitment to challenging the way things are. It leads and refuses to follow. For the future, not the past. Bound by no rules and challenging the status quo. It walks on the wild side. Dares to be different. Creates its own destiny. Inspires change. Embraces imperfection. Celebrates individuality. Flirts with danger. Transcends convention. Refuses to be ignored. But above all marches to its own beat.


Uncle Mikhail invests in Savsé


Savsé’s first ever production run in a factory


We could now be found on the shelves of Selfridges, Harrods, Planet Organic, Whole foods, Harvey Nichols and more.

Guka’s best bud, Paddy, quits his job to join his mission to change the drinks industry for the better, as Savsé’s first employee.



Guka represents Savsé in our first piece of big coverage in a national newspaper to spread the word about cold pressing and HPP

Super Purple wins the Grocer’s Highly Commended Award. These awards are the equivalent of the Oscar’s in the world of food and drink.



Our tiny office housed the six of us…let’s just say, it was VERY cosy.

Team Savsé grows to a strong six as we start to talk to more people about the brand.



We add Boots to our growing list of stockists

Initially Super Blue was made with three ingredients, but after receiving an incorrect print run of labels, Guka took the extra 24 hour window to develop the smoothie further.


He made an overnight trip to the factory to cram some key ingredients into the mix, without which, Super Blue would not be what it is today. It’s now ‘crammed’ full of eight different ingredients, seven of which are high in antioxidants and has since won 4 awards…those last minute decisions really paid off.

one for the wall

Super Blue wins the FreeFrom award (Raw & Superfoods category).

Our first show with a fridge and a couple of pop up banners, those were the days.




Waitrose is added to our growing list of stockists around the country.

Super Blue wins a Grocer Award for the Best New Chilled Drink on the market.



The tradition of ‘signing’ each new team member, followed by karaoke initiation begins.



We always have, and will continue to be different in everything that we do. It’s not cool to copy… at least that’s what our mum Nina always told us.

So to truly stand out from the crowd, we thought it was time to create packaging like no other. We went back to the drawing board to create a brand new look.

We launched our first ever digital campaign ‘#MySavséPromise’.

The first full truck load of product leaves our factory, that’s 80,000 bottles of Savsé making it’s way around the country!


A proud selfie for a proud moment… We add Asda to our list of stockists.


We were announced as one of DEFRA’s ( Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs ) 50 Food Stars in the UK.


We show off our brand new look at our first trade show of 2015.

Our first ever window display goes up at Whole Foods High Street Kensington


window shopping


Nutritional Health Coach, Madeleine Shaw signs for Savsé Brand Ambassador.


A bigger team means a bigger office, 2 floors filled to the brim with Sales, Logistics, Finance and Marketing… and of course the perfect excuse for ‘extra curricular’ activities


We’re all made of different stuff here at Savse and we like to embrace each other’s quirks… sometimes with strange results.

Our Super Blue wins a Great Taste Gold Star.

great tast copy

Our Super Orange becomes the third flavour to pick up a Grocer New Product Award.


super orange

We pimped our ride and gave our girl some style.




You can now pick up our 750ml bottles from your local Sainsbury’s up and down the country.


You can now pick up our 750ml bottles from your local Co-Op up and down the country.

We visited students all around the country to let them know that a healthy option is finally available on campus.

student tour


It’s our mission to make healthier options more accessible to the mass, so we constantly visit universities and businesses, picking up a few fans along the way.

Our first ever large advertising campaign goes live in and around London and Manchester. Buses, billboards, the lot.


We hit commuters with a Savsé morning boost.